Qualification: Nurse
Study duration: 2 study years in college (4 semesters) – 120 ECTS; 2 study years in University of Latvia (4 semesters) – 120 ECTS (in co-operation with University of Latvia, the studies can be continued at University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine, professional bachelor program "Nursing")
Studies take place: Jūrmala (Vidus prospekts 38, Bulduri), Rēzekne (N. Rancāna iela 23a, Rēzekne)
Mode of studies: full time studies
Previous education: secondary education
Head of study programme: Janeta Strazdiņa

Speciality description

A primary care nurse is a health care person, who participates in healthcare in the framework of her/his professional activity, according to her/his knowledge, skills and competences; takes care of the patient, manages patient care work, educates patients about health issues and continues his/her education in professional branch.

Primary care nurse participates in health care team’s primary, secondary and tertiary patient care work. She/he improves health, prevents diseases and performs specific care for all age patients in ambulatory sector, private practice and multi-profile stationary care.

Education of nurses is provided, based on order of Cabinet of Ministers Nr. 537, from 29 October 2019, in Riga (prot. Nr. 50 25. §). The conceptual report "On the future development of nursing profession".

Main professional tasks for Nurse

A primary care nurse performs general and specialized patient care. The nurse evaluates the health condition of the patient, identifies care problems; plans, organizes and implements patient’s care process, educates the patient, his/her relatives and society. Provides the basic needs of the individual and can solve problems connected with health, based on knowledge, professional skills and clinical guidelines. The nurse works in an interdisciplinary team.

Goal of the study program

To educate and provide professionally competent nurses, modern nurses meeting general requirements, working independently and in health care team, providing quality patient care, participating in the maintenance and promotion of public health.

Practical realization of study program

The study process is organized in the premises of college, in accordance with the study program, in pre-clinical simulation cabinets and in laboratories. Students acquire study courses in the form of lectures, seminars and practical classes. Based on collaboration agreements, study practices included in the study program are organized in collaboration with health care and social institutions, with Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital, Children’s Clinical University hospital, Riga East Clinical University Hospital, Jūrmala hospital, NRC “Vaivari” and regional hospitals.

General education courses

There are different general and professional courses in the study program.
General courses are Anatomy, Physiology, Terminology in Latin, Microbiology, Epidemiology, Control of infections, etc.
In the branch courses the students learn about General propaedeutics and patient evaluation, Philosophy of nurse profession, Professional ethics, Pharmacology, Care of therapeutic, Surgical and oncology patients, etc.
The study courses included in the study program are focused on modern professional patient care and the development of general knowledge, skills and competencies.

Collaboration partners

In the framework of study program there is a cooperation with other educational institutions, professional associations and social partners in Latvia and abroad in order to promote professionalism:

  • The University of Latvia (Latvia)
  • Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia)
  • Latvian Nurses Association (Latvia)
  • Heimerer social care school (Germany)
  • Savonlinna College (Finland)
  • Tallinn medical college (Estonia)
  • Tartu Health Care College (Estonia)
  • Gijon medical college (Spain)
  • Medical University of Plovdiv (Poland)
  • Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra (Portugal)
  • Universita Politecnica delle Marche (Italy)
  • Ponta Delgada Nursing School (Portugal)
  • Šiauliai State College (Lithuania)

Study opportunities in bachelor programs

After successful graduation of study program, the graduates have an opportunity to continue education at the University of Latvia, Medical faculty in bachelor study program "Nursing", based on credit transfer.