The 6th international scientific conference “HEALTH. PLEASANT SENSATION. PRACTICE.” P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia

On 6th April 2023, P. Stradins Medical College of The University of Latvia held the 6th international scientific conference “HEALTH. PLEASANT SENSATION. PRACTICE.”, which gathered a great number of curious beauty specialists in cosmetology, beauticians, masseurs and other health care professionals, as well as future professionals to talk about professional topics. The conference was also attended by college partners from neighbouring countries – Estonia and Lithuania.

The day program of the conference will be organized in two parts. In the first half of the day, health care industry professionals, college lecturers, students and cooperation partners will present reports of the research results and current affairs of the industry, stimulating a discussion on topical topics in the industry. The second part of the conference will be organized as a cycle of practical master classes - for beauty specialists in cosmetology, beauticians and masseurs.

The main topic of this year's conference was the issue of current trends in body aesthetics and health. The conference had two parts. In the first half of the day, the presentations of the speakers' were heard, while in the second part of the program were held practical master classes, according to the qualifications of specialists.

The conference started with a speech by the director of the college, Iveta Strode, in the continuation, the word was given to long-term cooperation partners - Latvian Masseurs' Association board chairwoman Rita Grīnfogele and Marija Livčāne-Rodzeviča, representative of the Latvian Association of Physical Medicine, they emphasized that every year the beauty industry should merge more and more with medicine and specialists who are ready to improve are the value of the whole society.

The first part of the conference program was opened by certified dermatologist and cosmetologist Yelena Viktorija Fedorkova with the report "Basics of neuroaesthetics and facial proportions". During it, the listeners actively participated, evaluated the proportions of different people's faces and made sure that an asymmetrical face is more beautiful than a perfectly symmetrical one, unless the asymmetry is related to disturbances in the functioning of the anatomical structures of the face. The dermatologist emphasized that complete symmetry is a completed cycle of development, incomplete - the pursuit of perfection, while continuous progress is preferable to stagnation. It made us look at aging not only as a natural but also a beautiful process.

Dr. Guna Havensone, specialist in nutrition science and body aesthetics, lecturer at Riga Stradins University, invited us to pay attention to conscious actions in the choice of diet. The doctor provided a broad insight into the current affairs of modern nutrition science, shared her experience and presented complex matters in an understandable and exciting way. The conversation encouraged people to think about the importance of nutrition in maintaining the body's overall health and quality of life in the long term.

Certified podiatrist, college lecturer Mārīte Saulīte and podiatrist Evija Todlebena had prepared a report with insight into the scientific research work "Application of reflex zone massage in patients with ankle edema". Participants of the conference received practical tips that lead to positive improvements.
Podiatrist Evia Todleben explained that not only the specialist is responsible for the effectiveness of the methods, but also the patient's nervous system, which connects all parts of the body with certain points on the foot, which, by acting on them, promote the body's ability to heal itself in a natural way.

The first stage of the theoretical part of the conference was concluded by Natālija Utkina, a product specialist of SIA "Interlux", a lecture on "Disinfectants and antiseptics from the German company Schuelke". It presented the latest information on the basic principles of personal hygiene and creating a safe working environment in the daily professional activities of health professionals.

Rafaels Ciekurs, physician's assistant, head of the Brigade support center "Krasts" of Emergency medical assistance service, presented his report "Telemedicine treatments, legal aspects in aesthetic medicine". The discussion about the innovation in the health sector has promoted the perception of telemedicine as a useful direction, which has facilitated the receipt of health care and made it more accessible in a wide variety of situations - from home care to specialized clinical examinations.

With special attention, the guests listened to the presentation of "Veselības centrs 4" dermatologist Milena Jakuba-Zolotarjova: "Skin microbiome, skin barrier, their relationship with skin diseases, therapy options." In the conversation, the dermatologist shared her experience as a doctor in working with patients, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation and the perception of the body as a single whole in the professional activity of any specialist in the field.

Ieva Zvīgule, doctor of sports science, certified physiotherapist, docent of anatomy, brought up the current topic "Integrating trigger point treatment methods in the professional activity of beauty care industry specialists". The participants of the conference were invited to determine the existence of trigger points in their body and were also introduced to special auxiliary tools and exercises, through which it is possible to release trigger points, reduce pain and increase well-being.

Rita Velika, a certified beauty care specialist in cosmetology and a lecturer at the P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia, generously shared her knowledge and experience. The content of the report was accompanied by a visually created video material, which demonstrated the possibilities of using the HydraFacial multi-functional apparatus in solving the problems of various facial skin conditions. This aroused great interest in the conference participants to learn more about the method, which was confirmed by the questions asked to the specialist.

Lithuania was represented at the conference and the theoretical part was concluded by Žilvinas Grigas, head of the department of SIA "Biomedikos centras" in Lithuania and Natālija Smirnova, the official representative and training specialist of "Pollogen" in Latvia with a presentation “Innovative application of various modern modified physical factors in interaction with cosmetic products for immediate skin oxygenation with the "Geneo" device.

In the second half of the day, the conference program offered visitors to attend five practical oriented master classes, the focus of which was on promoting a person's physical and emotional well-being.

Beauty specialists in cosmetology and beauticians participated in two master classes: “Improving the condition of dehydrated facial skin with the HydraFacial device procedure”, which was led by a certified beauty care specialist in cosmetology, lecturer of P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia, Rita Velika; The master class “"Geneo" skin oxygenation therapy - a wide-spectrum skin care device with the application of various energies and diverse protocols for immediate results", which was led by Žilvinas Grigas and Natālija Smirnova.

Masseurs, on the other hand, attended two following master classes in the practical part of the conference: “Myofascial massage of the back (with various instrumental techniques and free techniques)”, which was led by Gatis Goba, a certified masseur and lecturer of P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia; The master class “The masseuse's working posture and movements during the procedure", where Daiva Stančaitīte, a lecturer at the Department of Physiotherapy and Cosmetology of Klaipeda State College, shared her experience and knowledge.

At the end of the day, the visitors welcomed this year's opportunity to attend the third master class "Sound and vibration massage", which was led by Ivars Waller, a bather, specialist in vibro-acoustic massage and amber therapy. The sounds of music accompanying the vibroacoustic massage allowed the guests to feel the unifying and harmonizing power of music, making them want to stay a little longer in the cozy atmosphere of the college.

The day of the conference ended with words of gratitude from the guests for a well-organized event, in which both valuable new knowledge and improved existing skills were received, as well as an opportunity to discuss aspects of professional activity with specialists in their field in a confidence-inspiring atmosphere during coffee breaks.

The conference working group thanks the guest lecturers, master class leaders and visitors for the valuable day spent together!

Thanks to our cooperation partners of the conference – Ltd. “HAIRTEX”, “GIANTERA”, Ltd. “GMT Beauty Trade”, Ltd. “BALTIC BEAUTY PROF”, Ltd. “MEDEXY”, Ltd. “INTERLUX”, ZEMITS equipment and ELDAN cosmetics brand distributors in Latvia, Ltd. “CONCORDIA COSMETIC”.

Students and lecturers of the study programs "Esthetic Cosmetology" and "Medical Massage", beauty and health care industry professionals, co-operation partners of P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia.

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