Qualification: Doctor’s Assistant
Code of the study program: 41721
Length of studies: 3 years, 180 ECTS
Studies on budget resources provided by the state
Level of Education: short cycle level professional higher education
Studies take place: Jūrmala (Vidus prospekts 38, Bulduri), Rēzekne (N. Rancāns street 23a, Rēzekne)
Mode of studies: full time studies
Previous education: secondary school
Head of study programme: Janeta Strazdiņa

Description of specialty

A Doctor’s Assistant is a medical practitioner, who, in accordance with the competence specified in regulatory enactments for medical treatment and patient care, provides emergency medical assistance to the sick in life-threatening, critical conditions at pre-hospital stage and in hospital reception departments. A Doctor’s Assistant states the patient’s diagnoses and treatment, prescribes medicine, as well as providing continuous medical treatment and prevention in patients. He/She organizes his/her work, as well as the work of his/her colleagues, educates patients, society and his/her team members.

A Doctor’s Assistant works in medical institutions for ambulatory treatment, in emergency medical care, in hospitals, as well as other institutions providing medical care services.

Main professional tasks of a Doctor’s Assistant

A Doctor’s Assistant performs an assessment of a patient’s health condition, diagnostics of his/her health problems and an examination of the patient. In collaboration with a doctor provides continuous medical care, also necessary treatment, using appropriate medical technologies. Provides emergency medical care in life-threatening, critical situations to the sick, in accordance with guidelines and methodological recommendations. A Doctor’s Assistant subscribes medicines and provides preventive measures in collaboration with a doctor. A Doctor’s Assistant educates health care specialists, healthcare support personnel and members of public. He/she participates in organizing the work of emergency medical care, catastrophe medical system and primary healthcare work.

Goal of the study program

To educate and prepare competent Doctor’s Assistants, trained in accordance with contemporary professional demands, who will perform high quality patient care and medical care both independently, and also as part of health-care team, take part in upkeep and promotion of public health.

Practical realization of the study program

Implementation of the study process, in accordance with the study program, is carried out in college classrooms, pre-clinic simulation rooms and laboratories. Students acquire study courses in the form of lectures, seminars and practical classes. Based on collaboration agreements, study practices included in the study program are organized in collaboration with health care institutions and emergency health-care services.

Study courses to be acquired

The study program offers a chance to acquire different general education and professional study courses.
Professional study courses include Anatomy, Physiology, General pathology and Pathologic physiology, Therapy, Surgery, Emergency medicine, Toxicology, Basics of electrocardiography, etc.
General education courses include Latin, Biology, Genetics, Hygiene and environmental medicine, Research and sociology, Basic principles of pedagogy, etc.

Collaboration partners

In promoting student professionalism, a collaboration with other educational institutions, professional associations and social partners both in Latvia and abroad takes place within the framework of the study program:

  • University of Latvia (Latvia)
  • Rezekne Academy of Technologies (Latvia)
  • Šiauliai State College (Lithuania)
  • Tartu Health Care College (Estonia)
  • Kauno University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Oulu University of Applied Sciences
  • Medical University Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  • Professional associations and partnerships

Possibilities in labor market

Graduates of the “Medicine” study program can work in emergency healthcare services, general pediatricians’ practices and other healthcare institutions.

Further possibilities of studies

Graduates of the “Medicine” study program have a possibility to acquire the specialization of emergency medical doctor’s assistant or outpatient healthcare doctor’s assistant.