BIP “An inclusive environment for persons with disabilities”

BIP “An inclusive environment for persons with disabilities”

BIP “An inclusive environment for persons with disabilities”
Nr. 2021-1-LV01-KA131-HED-000005056-1
P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia

P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia, Social Care Department from 15 October to 20 October 2023 implemented ERASMUS+ program BIP project “An inclusive environment for persons with disabilities”.

he goal of the project is to provide online lectures for high school students from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on current issues in Latvia related to an inclusive environment, as well as to conduct face-to-face classes in Jūrmala for a week. The activities of the program started on 3 October 2023 with online lectures. Students listened to lectures on technical aids, alternative communication, accessible environment, services provided to people with visual impairments, and Typhlo technics. The lectures were led by cooperation partners from the Latvian Association of the Blind, NRC “Vaivari”, association “Apeirons” and Baiba Baikovska.

In total, the college accepts 27 students from: Tartu Health Care College (Estonia), Tallinn University of Applied Sciencies (Estonia), Kauno Kolegija (Lithuania), St.Ignatius of Loyola College (Lithuania), Vilnius Kolegija (Lithuania), Šauliai Higher Education Institution (Lietuva) and P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia (Latvia).

The first day of the face-to-face meeting took place in the activities organized by Latvian Association of the Blind. Students learned the history and importance of the association in the social service provision system of Latvia, got acquainted with various activities that are provided to persons with visual impairments. In small groups, students themselves actively participated in the cooking class, making jewellery, and learned the possibilities of Typhlo technique.

In the framework of the week, students participated in the “Senses lunch” organized by the Association of Disabled People and their Friends "Apeirons", which turned into an interactive event. While visiting NRC "Vaivari", students got an impression of how rehabilitation services are provided in Latvia, what technical aids are used.

A colleague from the Šiauliai kolegija Higher Education Institution conducted classes in the use of technical aids at P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia. Lessons were conducted by dividing students into smaller groups so that everyone had the opportunity to participate actively. At the same time, the parallel group visited the Snoezelen room created in the college and got acquainted with all the elements.

On the final day, everyone shared information about social rehabilitation services in the partner countries and cities represented by the students.

Some quotes from this week:

“It was very great experience for me. I will recommend your institution to other students. It really was very good BIP for our profession. Thank you, for the good organization!”
Svitlana Schukina, Kauno kolegija, Lithuania

“The experience at the Latvian Association of the Blind in Riga allowed me to feel in the role of people with visual impairments, performing actions with closed eyes, such as preparing food, walking, being with an assistant. The organization demonstrated how many different activities it creates for the blind. They dance, communicate, learn orientation skills, and do handicrafts. He sings, plays, creates music, learns to use smart devices in his everyday life.
Another experience is getting into the role of people with disabilities while having lunch at the Technical School of Tourism and Creative Industry in Riga.
It's by covering the eyes, it's by using gloves with which hand movements are restricted. And how to deal with it, and what challenges await.
The National Rehabilitation Centre Vaivari was visited, where the latest equipment was demonstrated to help restore movement abilities. How to work with people with disabilities was presented, and many useful tips were received on how to develop communication when doing nursing work.
At the Latvian Medical College, we were trained to use special devices to help people move them. Lithuanian Jevgenijus shared his excellent work skills, who showed not only how to use the tools, but also taught him how to correctly perform actions while preserving his health.
The snooze room provided a lot of wonder and charm, it was a new space where being focused on relaxation and relaxation, acting through the senses and coziness.”
Paulius Žiūkas, St. Ignatius of Loyola College, Lithuania

Thanks to the cooperation partners for their support and thanks to the excellent students of the "Social rehabilitation" study program – Beāte, Diāna, Natālija and Viktorija!

Aiga Grauduma, International Coordinator
P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia