Founder of the College


Professor Pauls Stradiņš (1896–1958)

Born January 17, 1896 in Viesīte (Latvia), in the family of Jānis un Māre Stradiņi, who devoted great attention to their children’s education. Following his father’s advice, Pauls begins studies in War Medicine Academy of Petrograd. A member of Latvian student’s corporation Fraternitas Metropolitana, he finished his dissertation of medical doctor in 1923.

After returning to Latvia he worked in the Surgery clinic of The University of Latvia Medical Department. He did his in – service training in the USA and England. Starting 1928 for a long period of time he was in charge of Rīga City 2nd Hospital (now Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital).

In 1939, within the hospital, founded a nurses’ school (now P. Stradins Medical College of the University of Latvia) with deep conviction, that for a patient not only a competent doctor, but also a caring nurse is of paramount importance. 1939–1941, 1944–1945 P. Stradiņš was headmaster of the school. He founded and lead Scientific Research Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine, Cancer Clinic.

He also created a private collection of historic medical materials, that became basis for creation of Medical History Museum. Along with the work in clinic, school and university, Pauls Stradiņš participated in creation and maintenance of social organizations. Change in power and times could not influence the professor’s loyalty to his work – being an outstanding doctor.

Till the end of his days Pauls Stradiņš attended to the sick and believed, that only a good person is capable of being a good doctor. Professor died August 14, 1958 in the hospital where he had begun his work in 1928. Buried in Meža kapi (The Forest Graveyard, Rīga, Latvia), and his tombstone is a sculpture, that reads “Gals ir klusums” – “The End is Silence”.

Thanks to Pauls Stradiņš wish to create an educational facility, that would prepare nurses for hospital needs, we have a College, that already more than 30 years bears the name of professor Pauls Stradiņš, and in a years 2019 on the 1st of November College celebrated its 80th birthday.

"Medicine together is craft, science and art, it is the most humanitarian of all the arts."
(P. Stradiņš)