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Social rehabilitation

Meklēt lapā:

First level professional higher education study programme „Social rehabilitation”


2 years or 4  semesters full time studies 80 Latvian credit points, 120 ECTS

Study form Full time studies


Obtained degree Qualification: social rehabilitator


Programme director Mg.paed. Dace Erkena


The aim of the study programme is to prepare qualified, social rehabilitator, who is able to compete in the labour market, provide society with  social  rehabilitation services,which correspond to values of  social  work,  thereby promoting incorporation of  socially isolated groups into society.


The target audience of the study programme are persons with secondary education. The total amount of this program is 80 credit points (120 ECTS). Credit point is a unit, which corresponds to 40 working hours of a student. They consist of   contact lessons, seminars and independent work. Studies are divided in semesters.  One study year is  40  weeks long (60 ECTS).


The study courses are divided  in general (30  ECTS),  branch courses (51 ECTS)  and optional (3 ECTS) study courses. The aims of study programme are reached with the help of lectures, seminars,  independent work and practice.


In the study programme “Social rehabilitator” the students have two practices. The first practice is 6 weeks that corresponds to 9 ECTS, and is organized at the end of the first study year. The aim of practice – to prepare the students for elaboration of scientific research work in social welfare system and to create understanding about importance of research in the improvement of social caretaker work. The  second practice of the study programme is planned at the end of the second study year. The  second practice is 10 weeks that corresponds to 15 ECTS. The aim of practice – to provide  students opportunity  to acquire individually and deeply the practical skills of  social rehabilitator, to integrate and improve practically the theoretical knowledge and to strengthen  skills in elaboration of scientific research work  in the practice of social rehabilitator.