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Social care

Meklēt lapā:

First level professional higher education study programme „Social care”


2 years or 4 semesters full time studies 80 Latvian credit points, 120 ECTS

Study form - Full time studies


Obtained degree Qualification: social carer


Programme director Mg.paed. Dace Erkena


Study programme goal is to educate social caregivers and prepare them for a Professional activity that provides society with  qualitative social carer's services and respects human rights and promotes social justice in society


Obligatory   part (A part), which includes:

general study courses (30 ECTS) – where, according to regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr.141, is included module about creation of  business professional competences, study courses,  which give the students opportunity  to improve foreign language knowledge and acquire professional terminology in foreign language,  acquire skills to  use information technologies,  gain understanding of the ethical values,  gives knowledge about the history of profession development,  anatomy, physiology,  and pedagogy;


Branch study courses (34.5 ECTS) – branch study courses give knowledge about social legislation, develop skills in social care, understanding about the needs of different client groups and care specific. In branch study course group are included also such study courses like social work methods and theories and research methods in social work;


Practice (24 (ECTS) – there are planned two practices for students. First practice lasts for 6 weeks, which corresponds to 9 ECTS, and is organized at the end of the first study year. The  goal of the practice  – to learn about social services provided by social welfare systems institutions and develops understanding about  social  caregiver's professional activity. Study program second practice is planned at the end of the second study year. Practice time  is 10 weeks,  which corresponds to  15 ECTS.  The  goals of practice  – individually and properly acquire social caregiver's profession practice skills, to integrate and improve practically theoretical knowledge and improve the skills to write research in social care practice. 


Qualification work (12 ECTS) –the goal of qualification work is to observe all requirements for scientific work and scientific ethical principles,  to systematize  and 4 widen theoretical knowledge,  develop research skills for  professional research and show readiness for independent work in profession and practice problem solving.


Obligatory optional part (B part) includes:

branch professional specialisation study courses (16,5 ECTS) – in the framework of  professional study  courses the students form understanding about hygiene an epidemiology  in social care process, acquire skills in basic  massage and movement activities, as well as knowledge about education of clients of different age and learn about social skills.   


Optional study courses (C part) include:

Optional teaching courses (3 ECTS) – optional study   courses allow students to acquire disciplines,  which increase knowledge and skills in the chosen branch. Optional study courses  are offered , based on the students expectations  and  proposals,  e.g. – sign language, creative methods and possibility to use them, floristic etc.