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Meklēt lapā:

First level professional higher education study programme „Podology”


2  years or  4  semesters full time studies  80 Latvian credit points, 120 ECTS

Full time studies


Obtained degree Qualification: Podologist


Programme director Mg.sc.educ. Aelita Koha


Podology is a teaching about a problematic foot and/or a treatment of complications on the foot; it includes also a pharmacological treatment and manufacturing of individual aids or adaption, evaluation, care and rehabilitation of the foot.


The goals of study programme:  to prepare highly qualified, modern educated, competent specialists of podology, that are able to compete in the labour market.


Field study courses (A part - 21 KP; 31.5 ECTS) – the students acquire understanding and knowledge about human anatomy and physiology,  general pathology and  pathological physiology, acquire knowledge and skills how to carry out procedure technique and emergency, acquires knowledge and understanding  about therapeutic and surgical,    dermatological disease etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostic and treatment principles, acquires treatment division in pharmacological groups, their mechanism of action, indications and contraindications; acquires understanding about musculoskeletal disorders, foot position and load adjustment, foot, finger deformation, the bases of orthotics and prosthetics.


Professional specialisation study courses (B part - 13 KP; 19.5 ECTS) - the students acquire knowledge and skills to make nail correction, the care of diabetic foot,     therapeutic foot care, to use physiotherapy methods and ergonomics methods in podiatric practice. In the study course  Practical work skills in  podology, students are able to use the knowledge and skills, which they have acquired in general and branch study courses.


Elective study courses (C part  - 2 KP; 3 ECTS)  – the optional courses allow the students to acquire disciplines, which extend their knowledge and skills in podology.In the study programme Podology, the students have two practices (16 KP; 24 ECTS) –first practice is 4 weeks, which correspond to 4 KP (6 ECTS) and is organized at the end of the first study year. The goal of the practice is to apply the already acquired theoretical knowledge in practice and to learn competences of the future profession. The second practice is at the end of the second study year. The duration of practice is 12 weeks, which corresponds to 12 KP (18 ECTS).   The goal of practice is   –     students acquire individually and profoundly the practical skills of  podology profession integrate and improve practically the theoretical knowledge and    strengthen skills to carry out research work in the  podology practice. Practice programme is worked out in accordance with  the regulations of practice organization for students in  LUP.Stradiņa medical college and podology profession standard. 


At the end of the studies the students have to pass the state final exam, which contains of qualification work and defence of the qualification work  8 KP  (12 ECTS)  and qualification exam. Study process, according to the programme, is organized in the classrooms of LU PSC, in pre-clinical offices, laboratories, computer room and health care institutions, on the basis of cooperation agreements.