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Aesthetic Cosmetology

Meklēt lapā:

First level professional higher education study programme „ AESTHETIC COSMETOLOGY”


3 years or  6 semesters full time studies 120 Latvian credit points, 180 ECTS

Requirements for studies Secondary education or Secondary Professional education


*2 years or  4 semesters full time studies 80 Latvian credit points, 120 ECTS

Requirements for studies First level professional higher medical education


Obtained degree Qualification:  Beauty Specialist in Cosmetology


Programme director Mg.paed., Mg.oec. Iveta Strode


Beauty specialist  in cosmetology  is a medical  person,  who has acquired first level professional higher education and works in beauty industry with cosmetic products and  medical technologies,  performs face and body cosmetic procedures,  respects professional  ethics and professional activity regulating documents,  has a good knowledge about cosmetic market,  as well as gives other cosmetic services and consultations, respects his/her  professional  role and competence borders, takes care about his/her professional improvement.

Programme graduates acquire qualification of  beauty specialist in cosmetology, which corresponds to fourth qualification level.

Beauty specialist in cosmetology can work in medical institutions and in other institutionsof beauty business or as self-employed person, or as individual merchant.


The aim of the programme

To prepare first level professional higher education beauty specialists in cosmetology, providing acquisition of  professional  theoretic  knowledge and skills,  at the same time  forming free, responsible and creative  personality, according to the demands of European labour market.


The competence of beauty specialist in cosmetology is:

  • To understand regularities and correlations in healthy human development  and physiological processes of the human body as a whole and to know the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle  and the positive impact of health-promoting factors that improve the quality of life;
  • To know about the basics of skin disease diagnostic and to be aware of one's  competences in case of skin diseases;
  • Identify and analyze client's skin and body type, evaluate condition and  make decision how to solve cosmetic problem  and do face and body preventive cosmetic procedures and additional procedures according to skin type  and condition;
  • To give colour test consultation and recommend to the client the appropriate make-up form and colour scale;
  • To solve body and face aesthetic problems, using cosmetic hardware technology.
  • To choose and recommend for the  client different cosmetic  products   and professional face and body  procedures, according to the problem that must be solved;
  • To solve body and face aesthetic problems, using aromatherapy;
  • To develop good communication skills with customers, to develop compassionate, caring and professional dialogue with customers, employers and colleagues;
  • To comply with occupational health and safety rules;
  • To evaluate risk and to act accordingly in life-threatening situations, to provide first aid in case of an accident;
  • To choose the optimal variant  for business,  to make business-related decisions, to evaluate and analyse how the  demand for cosmetology products impacts  sales and the company's income, pricing principles depending on the company's costs, demand for goods and prices of competitors.


In the first study year are acquired  general study courses - chemistry, biology,  basics of genetics and microbiology,  improved computer skills and communicative skills.  The obligatory  study courses provide knowledge and understanding about basic medical disciplines  – anatomy,  physiology,  hygiene and environmental  medicine, patient care with health disorders,  pharmacology,  emergency  assistance, dermatology, which lead to understanding of  professional study courses.  The study courses that lead to theoreticcosmetology are:  nutrition education,  the basics of culture and art, music therapy, introduction to speciality and legal bases for professional activity,  the basics of organizing and maintaining secure work environment.


The second study year study courses provide development of    professional knowledge, skills and abilities. The students acquire – aesthetic cosmetology and decorative cosmetics, medical cosmetics, the use of physical therapy methods in cosmetology, acquire understanding about  the components of cosmetic products, their properties and functional importance, as well as understanding about structure principles of different cosmetic products,  improve the knowledge of foreign languages (English and French) and business professional competences, establish understanding about culturology.


In the third study year are acquired study courses, which deepen the theoretical knowledge,professional skills and practical abilities of all previous study courses. There is provided a qualification practice, elaboration of qualification work and qualification exam.